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Tidal lagoons are commonly touted as a better alternative to barrage systems in terms of environmental and economic factors. U.S.-based Tidal Electric has built its business on the development of offshore tidal lagoons.


The technology is nothing remarkable or new. In essence, Tidal Electric has positioned itself as an expert in the design and installation of tidal lagoon power systems and has developed the necessary economic and environmental tools to help potential customers analyze the feasibility of a tidal lagoon system.


In the UK, Tidal Electric estimates that there is capacity for 8 GW of electricity production from offshore lagoons. The UK has the second highest tidal range of any nation and thus is an ideal setting for tidal barrage-type technology. A project is currently under consideration in Swansea Bay.

China has granted support for a 300 MW tidal lagoon project that will be built near the mouth of the Yalu River. When completed, the 300 MW facility will be the largest in the world.