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Tidal Power in Scotland

Plans to build a 10 turbine tidal stream generator array in the Sound Islay in Scotland were approved in 2011. The system will become the largest tidal array in the world when complete and will serve as a test project for other systems in Scotland. If successful, a 1.6 GW array is being planned for Pentland Firth.

The project has a projected completion cost of 40 million British Pounds. The first stage of the system has been installed and is performing well. Each turbine is 100 feet in height and is designed to generate 1 MW of electricity. The entire project is being managed by the Islay Energy Trust and is being carefully monitored for environmental impact at this early test stage.

The Sound Of Islay is a narrow channel off of the west coast of Scotland. It is beneficial for tidal power due to its excellent rates of flow, shelter from large waves, and lack of environmental significance. The area is considered to have one of the highest energy potentials in Europe.