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Tidal Power in India

Atlantis Resources produces a unique turbine that has two windmill-like propellers mounted to either end.  The Atlantis AK1000 is the largest tidal turbine in the world, with each unit producing 1 MW of electricity. The large, 18 meter blade diameter and duel propeller design allows the Atlantis AK1000 to generate electricity while spinning at a very low rate. This means the system, while large, is less threatening to marine animals. The installation in India will be the third major implementation of the Atlantis AK1000.

The installation will be in the Gulf of Kutch in the Indian state of Gujarat. The gulf is off of the Arabian Sea and is known to be subject to relatively rough water. While the single turbine will only generate a megawatt of electricity, the installation will mark the first time such a system will be installed in rough, open water where waves are abundant. The success of this project will determine the fate of future installations and will offer valuable feedback on turbine design for manufacturers like Atlantis Resources. If successful, it is estimated that upwards of 8 gigawatts of power could be installed in the Gulf of Kutch. The test project will be complete in 2013 and will include a total of 50 turbines at a cost of approximately 150 million USD.