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Atlantis Resources Corporation

Atlantis Resources Corporation is a London-based company with a long history of commercializing tidal power. In fact, the company began developing free stream tidal turbine prototypes in 2002 and is now the manufacturer of the world’s largest underwater turbine.


Atlantis focuses on tidal stream technology and has developed three lines of sub-sea turbines for use in tidal stream arrays. They boast over a decade of field trials, which makes them one of the longest standing companies in tidal power. Their turbine families are as follows:

AR Series

These are horizontal axis turbines (HAT) designed for use in harsh, open ocean settings. They look much like wind turbines and generate 1 MW each when tidal flows are 2.65 meters/second. The first in this series was successfully deployed in 2011 at the European Marine Energy Center.

AS Series

These are also HAT systems designed for either mono-directional flow (such as in rivers) or bi-directional flow for tidal applications. These systems work well in flows of 2.6 meters per second and come in 100 kW, 500 kW, and 1 MW configurations. They hold the distinction of being the world’s most efficient water-to-wire turbines.

AN Series

The AN series is designed for shallow water applications and has been tested in Australia. Though still of the HAT design, the system uses multiple “Auquafoils” rather than only three large blades to capture energy from the water. The AN series is designed for use in areas with high debris content and has proven safe for fur seals, fairy penguins, and other wildlife in Australia.

Company Services

Atlantis is a full-featured marine power corporation, offering its clients not only the technology mentioned above, but also financial resources, project management, resource assessment, and extensive post-installation testing.

Current Projects

  • Bay of Fundy, Canada
  • Pentland, Firth, Scotland
  • European Marine Energy Center, Scotland
  • Gulf of Kutch, India

Energy Technologies Institute, UK